In past years, we have been joined by Mr. Asner and many of his supportive friends including Richard Shiff, Thomas Gibson, Maureen McCormick, Rosie O’Donnell, Don Cheadle, Lou Diamond Phillips, Tom Arnold, Peter Fonda, Elizabeth J. Carlisle, Patricia Heaton, Gregory Harrison, Greg Grunberg, Meta World Peace, Rocky Carroll, Sebastian Bach, Wayne Brady, Steve Wilkos, Eric Roberts, Randy Rainbow, Drake Bell, Randall Batinkoff and others. As in past years, this year’s tournament will be attended by upwards of 50 celebrities who have been, and continue to be, champions for the special needs community.


The Ed Asner Family Center strives to raise funds for mental health and enrichment programs with special events such as the 8th Annual Ed Asner and Friends Poker Tournament. Our goal this year is to raise $200,000.

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Tournament Committee

A very special thanks to our committee members for their time and talents.

Amir Araghi, Matt Asner, Navah Asner, Amber Ayers, Abe Bedros, Ron Burkhardt, Paula Cardello, Renee Frigo, Nick Geber, Marc Hustvedt, Erin Jancleas, Marcie Jastrow, Dwight Kennedy, Shelby Landucci, David Marquez, Tom McAndrew,  Sal Paskowitz, Roger Replogle, Daniele Salusky, Rodney Stone,  Kevin Tenney, Cheri Warner

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